Sketch comedy led by the undisputed master of suburban absurdity, Sam Simmons, featuring an extraordinary cast of Australian comedians

Season 1


Season 1: 4 x 30'

A baking hot summer in the Australian suburbs causes problems – not big problems, but the small problems that clog up your day – the tiger faced kid with a delicious soft serve teasing you on the first hot day, erotic encounters with craft curious discount store attendants, the synthetic umami of a cardboard box taco or violent encounters with mall fountain mermaids. The kind of nuisance that you would only find in a world created by Sam Simmons.

Problems is a four-episode sketch comedy homage to the Australian summer in all its hot asphalt and chaffing wonder ending in a touching Christmas dinner complete with its own Christmas Samoan.

Featuring an extraordinary cast of Australian comedians led by the remarkable, award winning Akela of suburban Absurdism, Sam Simmons and ably assisted by Anthony Morgan, Ronny Chieng, Claudia O’Doherty, David Quirk, Kate McCartney and Lawrence Mooney.

CREATED BY: Sam Simmons

WRITTEN BY: Sam Simmons, Declan Fay, Kate McCartney & Nick Maxwell

CAST: Sam Simmons, Ronny Chieng, Lawrence Mooney, Gary Sweet, Susie Porter, David Quirk, Kate McCartney, Anthony Morgan & Claudia O’Doherty

DIRECTED BY: Trent O’Donnell


PRODUCED BY: Lisa Wang & Jason Burrows

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