Hard Quiz

Hard Quiz is a comedy quiz that sets out to find the ultimate quizzing champion, pitting four real contestants against each other in a battle of attrition armed with specialist topics and dodging host Tom Gleeson’s acerbic remarks along the way.

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Format sizzle


SEASON 1: 10 x 30' | SEASON 2: 20 x 30' | SEASON 3: 20 x 30'

Hosted by comedian Tom Gleeson, Hard Quiz pits four contestants against each other in a battle of attrition to find the ultimate quizzing champion. Armed with specialist topics, and dodging the host’s acerbic remarks along the way, contestants battle it out over three rounds in the hope of reaching the final Hard Quiz Round, where the two hardest quizzers go head to head to get their hands on the holy grail - the Big Brass Mug.

With subjects ranging from the popular (South Park, KISS, The West Wing) to the esoteric (thermodynamics, small arms of WWII) to the just plain impenetrable (vintage Australian washing machines?!), Hard Quiz has something for everyone.

The joy of Hard Quiz is that it doesn’t just test contestants’ knowledge. It also subjects them to host Tom Gleeson’s rapid fie wit and complete comfort with exploiting his guests’ foibles. But contestants have complete licence to fire back, and when one of them lands a blow, then it’s fair to say that everyone’s a winner.

A Thinkative Television Production


PRODUCED BY: Kevin Whyte, Charlie Pickering, Tom Gleeson

HOST: Tom Gleeson

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