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Guesswork Television are renowned for producing premium stand-up specials. Over 2021, between lockdowns, we filmed some of Australia’s best comedians at both Chapel off Chapel and the Comedy Theatre.

Tommy Little's I'll See Myself Out has been released exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Channel Islands, Ireland, South Africa, United States and United Kingdom.

Anne Edmonds & Lloyd Langford, Celia Pacquola, Tom Gleeson, Lano & Woodley, Peter Helliar, Geraldine Hickey, Nath Valvo and Tom Ballard have brand new comedy specials available to stream exclusively on Paramount+.

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Amazon Prime Video release:

I'LL SEE MYSELF OUT: Tommy Little is the most exciting comedian of his generation. Sit back, relax and watch Australia’s premier dickhead in full flight.

Paramount+ release:

BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE: After spending multiple lockdowns together, comedians Anne Edmonds and Lloyd Langford went on a national tour. Mainly so they could see other people. Here is that show, in front of a packed-out crowd at Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre.

ENOUGH: From COVID to capitalism, watch Tom Ballard try to fix everything by yelling his horrible jokes in a beautiful venue.

I'M HAPPY FOR YOU: Nath Valvo's hilarious new comedy special tackles a big question - should he become a father? There's an onslaught of jokes and the usual Valvo flare audiences love. I'm Happy For You was nominated for the Melbourne Comedy Festival Award.

LANO AND WOODLEY: Freshly inspired mayhem, and a handful of classics from the vault make this an evening of belly laughs. In a stream of sight gags, comedy songs and logic bending verbal chaos, comedy legends Lano and Woodley turn bickering banter into an artform.

LET ME KNOW HOW IT ALL WORKS OUT: Celia Pacquola has always been obsessed with the future but plans for none of it. Watch it now… you could get hit by a bus tomorrow.

LIGHTEN UP: The Gold Logie winner and Hard Quiz host, Tom Gleeson, brings his famed sharp wit and dry humour to his latest one hour special, Lighten Up.

LOOPY: A stranger on a train said to Pete recently that “everything you believe is true and the rest is bullshit… and vice versa.”?
Yep, the world is loopy. We should talk about it.?

WHAT A SUPRISE: Geraldine is proving to everyone, including herself, that life begins at 40. She doesn’t want to know what’s around the corner, she wants to believe there’ll be a bouncy castle. Winner, Most Outstanding Show, MICF 2021.

CAST: Tommy Little, Anne Edmonds and Lloyd Langford, Celia Pacquola, Tom Gleeson, Lano and Woodley. Peter Helliar, Geraldine Hickey, Nath Valvo, & Tom Ballard

DIRECTED BY: Catherine Vanderwolf

PRODUCERS: Comedy Theatre- Nikita Agzarian/ Chapel off Chapel- Lauren Moore, Georgina Ogilvie

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Comedy Theatre- Kevin Whyte & Kathleen McCarthy/ Chapel off Chapel- Frank Bruzzese & Kathleen McCarthy