Please Like Me

Season 4


SEASON 4: 6 x 30'

Josh has had it up to here with things ending. Like it’s sad how Harry Potter finished, or it’s awful to think about how Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t hot anymore. And now as he faces an empty house, coupled-up friends and a flagging love life that even a threesome can’t seem to fix, it seems like his youth is ending and he may have to face the idea of growing up.

Season Information

A Pigeon Fancier and John & Josh International Production of a Participant Media Original Series in association with ABC TV & Film Victoria

Written By: Josh Thomas, Tom Ward and Liz Doran, with additional writing by Hannah Gadsby

Created By: Josh Thomas

Directed By: Matthew Saville & Josh Thomas

Cast: Josh Thomas, Debra Lawrance, David Roberts, Caitlyn Stasey, Thomas Ward, Hannah Gadsby, Emily Barclay, Keegan Joyce

Producer: Todd Abbott & Lisa Wang

Executive Producer: Todd Abbott, Josh Thomas, & Kevin Whyte