Please Like Me

Season 3


SEASON 3: 10 x 30'

In Season Three of Please Like Me, new characters arrive, complications ensue, and a cast of extraordinary performers competes again for screen time with John the cavoodle.

Josh and Tom acquire new housemates: some fluffy, innocent baby chickens. Josh is also trying to land a new boyfriend and the anxiety-ridden Arnold, but Arnold is struggling to commit to a relationship. Tom, for a change, is single. Mum, newly emerged from the psychiatric hospital, has a new housemate in her fellow patient, Hannah (Hannah Gadsby).

Claire is back in Germany, but spends a lot of time on Skype to Josh and Tom. Dad, Mae and Grace are settling into the chaotic routine of a new family, until Mae drops a bombshell.

Season Information

A Pigeon Fancier / John & Josh International Production of a Participant Media Original Series in association with ABC TV

Written By: Josh Thomas with Liz Doran, Tom Ward and Hannah Gadsby

Created By: Josh Thomas

Directed By: Matthew Saville & Josh Thomas

Cast: Josh Thomas, Debra Lawrance, David Roberts, Caitlyn Stasey, Thomas Ward, Hannah Gadsby, Emily Barclay, Keegan Joyce

Producer: Todd Abbott

Executive Producer: Todd Abbott, Kevin Whyte & Josh Thomas