Season 5


SEASON 5: 8 x 30'

Having thankfully defeated the first agent who tried to encroach on McCallum Real Estate's territory, things are getting back to normal now for Daniel and Emma. Between noise complaints, overbearing landlords and mystery inspections they’re mastering the ropes of the real estate business, albeit in their own unique way.

Like usual though, Barbara thinks they’re not taking it seriously enough. Could this be the year she finally retires, and hands over the reins? They’ll have to prove to her that they’ve got what it takes to run the business, and Barbara’s not an easy one to convince.

Outside of work Daniel is regretting breaking up with the love of his life, and worries that Grace might have moved on. Only time will tell if he can win her back. Meanwhile Emma is up to her usual tricks; concocting elaborate schemes, wearing excellent cardigans and learning new skills. She finally gets what she’s always wanted too - a Rosehaven-based nemesis. All in all, it’s Rosehaven as we know and love it.

Season Information

A What Horse? / Guesswork Television production presented by Screen Tasmania and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Creator/ Writer: Luke McGregor & Celia Pacquola

Directed By: Jonathan Brough

Cast: Luke McGregor, Celia Pacquola, Kris McQuade, Katie Robertson, Sam Cotton, David Quirk, Kim Knucky & Noela Foxcroft

Producer: Andrew Walker

Executive Producer: Kevin Whyte

Co-Producer: Fiona McConaghy