Season 1


SEASON 1: 8 x 30'

Luke McGregor is Daniel McCallum, who returns to his rural Tasmanian hometown, Rosehaven, to help his intimidating mother with her real estate business. He gets a surprise when his best friend from the mainland, Emma (Celia Pacquola), turns up on his doorstep - on the run from a marriage so fresh her husband is still on their honeymoon.

In no time these two friends are thrown into the centre of small town life – Daniel, confronted at every turn by the ghosts of his adolescent past and a town that hasn’t moved on. All the while his mate Emma is lapping up her anonymity in Rosehaven and newfound life on the land.

Daniel’s fearsome mother Barbara (Kris McQuade) has never needed him for anything. Stoic and a tough nut to crack, Barbara has run her business, McCallum Real Estate, solo for Dan’s whole life. Backed in to a corner with an injury she needs to undergo surgery for, Barbara has summoned Daniel across the Bass Strait to babysit the business.

But Daniel has other ideas. He wants to take over the family business and prove to his mother that he has what it takes to succeed. But in a tiny town like Rosehaven everyone still sees Daniel McCallum as the ginger kid - bully bait with a voice that never fully broke – back home in Tasmania because he “couldn’t hack it” on the mainland. Daniel is determined to rebut his doubters, restore his pride and right the wrongs of his Rosehaven adolescence. But now he’s also navigating the surprise arrival of his mate Emma. Emma is in no hurry to grow up, and a new town with no ties suits her far too well.

The real estate agent in a small town is at the centre of every crisis – births, deaths and everything in between that will have you upsizing, downsizing or moving on. And as the only agents in Rosehaven, Daniel and Emma get caught up in town life – from demanding landlords, to tenants with oversized fauna in living areas and a Neighbourhood Watch convinced that Rosehaven would spiral out of control overnight if it wasn’t for their vigilance.

Soon enough, these two best buddies Daniel and Emma will find both their friendship and their sanity put to the test by the charming, but deeply eccentric, townsfolk of Rosehaven

Season Information

Screen Tasmania, Screen Australia and The Australian Broadcasting Corporation present A Guesswork Television / What Horse? Production.

Creator/ Writer: Luke McGregor & Celia Pacquola

Directed By: Jonathan Brough & Shaun Wilson

Cast: Luke McGregor, Celia Pacquola, Kris McQuade, Katie Robertson, Sam Cotton, David Quirk, Kim Knucky & Noela Foxcroft

Producer: Andrew Walker

Executive Producer: Kevin Whyte

Co-Producer: Fiona McConaghy