The Katering Show

Season 1


SEASON 1: produced by Katering Productions. 6 x 10'

Food intolerant Kate McCartney and her intolerable smug foodie co-host, Kate McLennan, hit the screens with their series The Katering Show.

With their own take on the current cooking show phenomenon, McCartney and McLennan take a Sassy Swipe™ at over-hyped food trends, they take the term “Yummy Mummy” way too literally, they sample a tablet that counteracts lactose intolerance, they subject themselves and a special guest to the latest weight loss torture regimes of Paleo, Raw Food and The 5:2 Diet; and they dedicate an episode to their culinary hero and spirit bosom, Maggie Beer.

The entire flirty little series is peppered with references to The Kates’ crumbling personal situations; including, but not limited to, McCartney’s rat piss soaked rental property and McLennan’s endless bouts of ‘in-knicker’ infections.

So sit back, punch open a goon sack with an Allen key, get comfy on the loo, and prepare to gorge on a serving of The Katering Show.

Season Information

Produced by Katering Productions in association with Screen Australia

Distributed by Guesswork Distribution

Creator/ Writer: Kate McLennan & Kate McCartney

Cast: Kate McLennan & Kate McCartney

Executive Producer: Kevin Whyte, Kate McCartney & Kate McLennan

Produced By: Tamasin Simpkin